5 Top Tips & Tricks To Grab Engagement On Instagram Reels

Have you started Instagram Reels? Or

Are you facing any difficulties in generating an engagement rate?

Don’t worry; you are in the right article; this article will guide you to increase engagement for your Instagram Reels videos.

Instagram Reels is the exciting feature of Instagram, which was rolled out recently. It is the same as the TikTok platform. Where you can record video for 15 seconds with lots of creative tools and features. Trust me, if you use Instagram Reels wisely, you can effortlessly grow your Instagram account. It helps to grow your follower’s rate and can reach more new audiences. 

Instagram Reels has a unique place; you can find it on the home page with its own icon. 

In this article, you will visit some of the tricks to increase your engagement on Instagram Reels.

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Share Your Instagram Reels To Your Feed 

It is one of the best strategies to share your Instagram Reels videos on your feed. It helps you to get a little boosting from your existing followers. When you upload it on your feed will not only help you to be found by the audience later. But also, you can include a custom cover photo; it will look cohesive and attractive too. Seeing this will impress your audience, and it influences them to click it. Did you know? If you receive more clicks, Instagram will push your video in front of a new audience. 

Post Frequently 

Being consistent is crucial to reach your goal quickly. At least, you need to post one or two Reels per day. Publishing more content will help Instagram get an idea of your target audience and who likes your content. It helps to gain more engagement, audience attention. Moreover, you can increase Instagram Reels comments and receive more audience interaction. The trick is simple: the more you post, the faster you can grow. When you start realizing your growth from Reels, then post at least one video per day. 

Make Use Of Hashtags 

Don’t forget to add hashtags in your Reels. It helps to display your reels in front of your target audience. Also, with the help of hashtags, it’s easy for people to identify your content. But, ensure all your hashtags are connected with your content. Whether you use hashtags or tags, ensure it makes any sense with the Reels. Also, out some of the hashtags in the comments too. Like your Instagram posts, you can use up to 30 hashtags. 

Identify Your Target Audience  

If you are running any business or have your niche, attach to that niche. Particularly at the beginning,it will assist you in developing and receiving more engagement rates. Remember, your Reels must connect with your brand or business. If your video makes any sense to your brand, your audience will start to visit your profile and click the follow button. Try to create useful and informative content because people always expect something on social media. And they love to get something beneficial from your videos.

Engage With Your Audience

If your ultimate goal is to gain engagement, then try to engage with your audience. First of all, give instant replies to your audience’s questions or comments. Especially, responding back to comments will help to build a conversation around your audience. It also influences others to comment on your videos. If you are a starter, pay attention to comments and reply to all your comments.


As I mentioned earlier, if you use Reels smartly, you can bring more traffic to your Instagram profile. It will be a fun addition to the Instagram platform. Stick the tips mentioned above to get more engagement. I hope this article will assist you in accomplishing your goals. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.