Through Facebook, Instagram launched the Reesl in August 2020, in 50 worldwide countries. The Instagram Reels became now a social media sensation and a new game-changer.  The Instagram Reels are slightly felt to them, so is TikTok, a ByteDance’s application.  This is a badly kept secret. Now Instagram Reels become more famous. Many positive responses have been gained by the Instagram Reels despite being criticized as a copycat of TikTok. Most of the creators are trying to do an experiment with Instagram Reels.  This Reels feature on Instagram lets you create fifteen seconds short video clips in the Instagram application and sharing with your story or sharing with your feed or sharing with your Explore’s tab Reels page. You can set music to your Reels from the audio you have recorded or built-in music library on Instagram. There are also special features like speed adjusting for video clips, for hand-free filming, a countdown timer is available, and special AR effects are available. You can also take multiple shots or more than one shot into one clip together instead of making everything videos in one take.  On the Explore page on Instagram, you can found the Reels feed, and you can also see Reels of trending accounts and popular accounts on Instagram instead of seeing reels of the people who you follow. 


Instagram reels are the newest deals. You have catered to Reels in your strategy for social media marketing. Reposting the videos from the TikTok to Instagram Reels is the easiest one. You could bring the video content to Reels on Instagram too if that video content was getting success on TikTok. The video format of Instagram Rels and TikTok is the same, by having 108081920 dimensions. For leaving the old music, you can select the add audio option. For new users who are all watching it, it becomes the new video content, or otherwise, it becomes a new itch to the people who are all saw it on TikTok already. For starting out anywhere, great content is educational content. Educational content means something about which is relevant in your professional field or a particular field. For example, fitness drills, makeup tutorials, how to do ads on social media, cuisine recipes, tips for skincare, etc. fun challenges are loved by everyone. Buy Instagram Reels views is a strategy for social media marketing, and track the engagement rate very easily just by putting a hashtag on it. A great key to Instagram is consistency. If you are about cooking, then do that. You can adapt the teaser stratergy like moves o get more emotions. Another great way was provided by the Instagram Reels for Netflix for promoting shows. Instead of like the movie teasers for grabbing the people’s attention.