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Unknown Ideas About TikTok Ads

TikTok is one of the biggest developing social media platforms around the globe. There are about 800 million active users, the users handling this app at an average time of 52 minutes, a single day. TikTok platform is used for finding out the precise mobile videos that enable and amuse every audience who uses it.

The US audience ratio is about 69%, TikTok user age is ranging between 13 to 24 years whereas 65% of the user’s age is 29 years. TikTok is specially meant for expanding out to fans under the age limit of 30 years, say like Millenials and Generation Z flock people.

Select your Ad Types for TikTok:

Hashtag Challenge:

Hashtag challenge motivates its users to create and share the video to all relevant hashtag campaign. This type of ad campaign gets the profit out of famous trending hashtags challenges. You can gain a high rate of visibility and make your video go trending. Motivate the user-generating content by requesting its users by taking part in the challenges. 

TikTok permits its brands to fund their challenges yet the brand challenges are placed on the discovery page for six days. After which they might receive the maximum number of reach and engagement. 

Always make sure that the format of the TikTok discovery page is visually attractive which makes your users notice via clickthrough rate, this is because it is where the organic results are obtained for the sponsored hashtag challenges.

Additionally, you can employ an official video function. Videos are held at the top of their challenge page and thus it offers users a lot of motivation. 

Brand Takeover:

It is a full-screen video ad range between 3 to 5 seconds of JGP, video or GIF. This type of ad pops out immediately at once when opening the TikTok app. It is linked up to either external or internal destinations like the Hashtag challenge on your TikTok or your campaign landing page. The main objective of using this ad type is that the fullscreen format helps to simply attract the user’s attention with its impression they will have when they check TikTok. Make sure your ad is creating a hype where the users shouldn’t jump out of the ad.

The audience goes behind the captivating song:

Music is one of the significant parts of TikTok’s engaging element. Most of the famous TikTok videos purposefully use catchy and vibrant songs. Thus always make sure your video ads implement music. The most famous songs on TikTok motivates its users to sync with their music or video activities. Try to use a trending song, which is the best chance to increase the engagement rate.

Work on with new TikTok trend:

Collaborating the self-promotion with perfect user engagement is one of the best ways to be reach success on TikTok. The videos in-built the famous TikTok styles to make your content go viral as they are relevant since users love viewing and sharing videos. Combining the upcoming and famous content trends that order your brand within your ads.

Always influencers try to Influence your content:

TikTok influencers are identifiable and have a huge set of audience, hence they can be easily helpful to enhance your brand visibility. Influencers have the ability and the renowned fame for engaging TikTok users to drive out minimal engagement. The best idea is to gain popularity within a short span of time by buying TikTok likes to get more reach for your profile and the videos.