Choose the Aa icon on the upper right side corner, then write your words. Using the different colors, write the words for the second time by again tapping on the Aa icon. Move the layer of one text over the other text, but put it a bit off-center side so that the. But keep in mind that if you angle or resize the text, it is not easy to line up the text layers. 


The basic choices of colors do not quite cut it for the people who would like to stay in line with the company branding or personal branding. Virtually access every color by tapping either the Aa icon or pen on the upper right side corner, and then tap and hold on the default color to bring up many more options in the slider of color. Choose your distinct color for your text by just swipe.


Usually, suppose you just post the regular videos and photos to Instagram stories. In that case, you may not know what other media options are available at the bottom of the screen. Similar to GIFs, Boomerang allows you to make a quick and looped video. You can also buy Instagram story views for any type of Instagram story. It is more essential to constantly test the new media formats to keep your audiences waiting for more and engaged.  


You can create a solid background if you want to add an Instagram story but if you do not feel like sharing a video or photos. First of all, you will need to upload a picture of something; since you are going to be covering it up with colors, it does not greatly matter what you are using. Tap on the icon “pen” on the upper right side corner, and then select the neon bush or marker, then select the color. Tap and hold on the story screen for a few seconds, and the screen is filled with the solid color that you have chosen. You can either use the eraser tool or chisel tip brush if you want to reveal a bit of video or photo. Eraser tools help you uncover a part of a video or photo, and the chisel tip brush enables you to be translucent instead of color, solid.


If you want to save some of the videos or photos for yourself, you can download them, even though the story content vanishes after twenty-four hours. To save your story content, open your Instagram story and swipe upside and then tap on the arrow that is in the circle shape icon on the upper right side corner. This will allow you to save the whole story. If you just want to save a one-story post, by tapping the downward look arrow on the left foot, you can upload them. If you want to save the video or photo that you have already shared, just tap on the three dots at the bottom right side corner and select the save photo option. 

4 Advanced Techniques To Grow Your Following With Instagram Reels

Although Instagram has much more features than other social media platforms, it recently launched another new feature, “Reels”, which is short form video content. Instagram’s parent company Facebook has observed that the short form content is being a trend among the people, and so the latest feature Reels has introduced over 50 countries. You could share Reels on your profile, stories, and the explore page.

Collaborate With Influencers

When you work with someone, you’ll be able to cross promote both of the products. These will help both of you reach your target and gain new followers. With a well developed strategy, work with influencers can help you to promote your brand more effectively. You could search the influencers using hashtags, location, and engagement. Once you’ve found your target influencer, you could exchange sponsored your social media post with them. 

Host IG Reels Challenges

Hosting Reels Challenges can be an excellent way to build your Instagram community and build brand trust. Plenty of brands find the audience’s interest in participating on social media platforms while hosting the challenges and offering gifts. If more people are participating in the challenge, your popularity will gain. After that, some people notice it and then start to follow you. 

Share Repurpose Content

Repurpose content refers to posting existing good quality content that already became more trending on other social media platforms. Such content could be posted to reels with bits of edits and is a best way to save your time and your effort for creating content. Undoubtedly repurposed content entices more interaction and positive comments to draw more audience for your profile. Further,  engagement rates can be increased instantly if you buy Instagram Reels comments and leave a good impression on visitors and make them constantly watching your upcoming videos.

Editing Features

There are some editing features for making your video more attractive on Instagram Reels. 

AR Effects & Audios: Choose a good looking background to change the video appearance. Try out many AR effects and choose your preferred song from Instagram’s music library to make your videos enjoyable. You can create and use original audios, which will help you to stand out on IG Reels.

Draw: Select the draw icon tab to draw something over the video based on your content.

Text & Stickers: Select the right font and choose the best stickers to spice up your Reels. Placing the right place is very important to make your video eye catching to people.

Final Thoughts

There are endless opportunities for your business growth on Instagram. Reels’ marketing strategy is worth adding to your business and expanding your business to a great height. Creating more Reels and make your Reels displaying on the Explore page will increase the chance to reach a wider Instagram Community. 

TikTok For Marketing:5 Fruitful Hacks That Work For Business Growth

Have you ever tried TikTok for your business? If no,

Then you have missed tremendous opportunities to grow your market.

 TikTok is one of the rapidly growing platforms, with more than 1 billion active users. It is famous for video-sharing apps, allowing users to create short videos creatively. Many of us assume that TikTok is just for lip-syncing or dancing funny. Actually, it has a huge space to do promotional activities organically. Educational content is quite trending on TikTok. It indirectly helps to promote a particular service or product. With the help of trending songs and specific hashtags, you can reach the right audience. 

This article shares a few marketing strategies that guide you to promote your business on TikTok.

Focus On Your Target Audience 

Finding your target audience is the most important stuff in your marketing strategies. To grow your target audience, you need to discover people who are interested in your field or industry. Once you have figured out your target audience, pay attention to them. Begin to follow their account and start interacting with their videos by likes, comments. This action helps to notice your presence. Soon they will follow your account. 

Plan Your Content Strategy 

Planning is very important when it comes to social media, especially content; it’s the king of TikTok. Keep in mind. All your content must directly promote your business. Hence, spend some time planning your content in advance according to your audience preference. Just come with the list of your content topics to ensure your audience must like it. By doing this will help you to increase your consistency. Of courses, you may have so many ideas, save them as a draft. Then post one by one, it is a huge time saver.  

Keep An Eye On TikTok Trends

One thing you have to be clear about is TikTok features. Ask yourself, did I familiar with all TikTok features, sounds, effects, and styles. Because it’s the necessary stuff to connect with your audience. Be aware of the latest trend, and integrate it with your videos to grow your business. Taking part in trending or viral videos helps to expand your reach and engagement. Moreover, you can also try Bouxtie TikTok followers to gain visibility for your video. Trends are the main concept of TikTok. Daily, you can see at least one video streaming on this platform. You can find trending videos on the discovery page. 

Track Your Competitors Profile 

Have a look at your competitor profile, and see how they promote their business. Because you both have the same target audience, right. So, check what type of content they are posting, their hashtags, posting time, and more. Monitor all those stuff, and see which of their marketing plans will work for your business. My point is, gather information and try to learn from their actions. Trust Me. It will direct ways to grow your business.

CTA(Call-To-Action) Is Must 

In order to bring your audience to your desired landing page or account, then adding CTA is mandatory. You can include CTA at the end of the page. Anyways, you can test by adding it in other places. Don’t go with regular CTA phrases. Try some different words. Use catchy words to make your audience click it. Like, for more hacks to improve your business online, hit the heart, follow the button. Your CTA must tell what your channel is about.


TikTok is the right stage to grow your business. To achieve success, patience is essential. Be consistent, stick with current trends and popular videos. In this article, I have given you five excellent tips. Sure it will help you to improve your business on TikTok world. 

5 Top Tips & Tricks To Grab Engagement On Instagram Reels

Have you started Instagram Reels? Or

Are you facing any difficulties in generating an engagement rate?

Don’t worry; you are in the right article; this article will guide you to increase engagement for your Instagram Reels videos.

Instagram Reels is the exciting feature of Instagram, which was rolled out recently. It is the same as the TikTok platform. Where you can record video for 15 seconds with lots of creative tools and features. Trust me, if you use Instagram Reels wisely, you can effortlessly grow your Instagram account. It helps to grow your follower’s rate and can reach more new audiences. 

Instagram Reels has a unique place; you can find it on the home page with its own icon. 

In this article, you will visit some of the tricks to increase your engagement on Instagram Reels.

Let’s jump,

Share Your Instagram Reels To Your Feed 

It is one of the best strategies to share your Instagram Reels videos on your feed. It helps you to get a little boosting from your existing followers. When you upload it on your feed will not only help you to be found by the audience later. But also, you can include a custom cover photo; it will look cohesive and attractive too. Seeing this will impress your audience, and it influences them to click it. Did you know? If you receive more clicks, Instagram will push your video in front of a new audience. 

Post Frequently 

Being consistent is crucial to reach your goal quickly. At least, you need to post one or two Reels per day. Publishing more content will help Instagram get an idea of your target audience and who likes your content. It helps to gain more engagement, audience attention. Moreover, you can increase Instagram Reels comments and receive more audience interaction. The trick is simple: the more you post, the faster you can grow. When you start realizing your growth from Reels, then post at least one video per day. 

Make Use Of Hashtags 

Don’t forget to add hashtags in your Reels. It helps to display your reels in front of your target audience. Also, with the help of hashtags, it’s easy for people to identify your content. But, ensure all your hashtags are connected with your content. Whether you use hashtags or tags, ensure it makes any sense with the Reels. Also, out some of the hashtags in the comments too. Like your Instagram posts, you can use up to 30 hashtags. 

Identify Your Target Audience  

If you are running any business or have your niche, attach to that niche. Particularly at the beginning,it will assist you in developing and receiving more engagement rates. Remember, your Reels must connect with your brand or business. If your video makes any sense to your brand, your audience will start to visit your profile and click the follow button. Try to create useful and informative content because people always expect something on social media. And they love to get something beneficial from your videos.

Engage With Your Audience

If your ultimate goal is to gain engagement, then try to engage with your audience. First of all, give instant replies to your audience’s questions or comments. Especially, responding back to comments will help to build a conversation around your audience. It also influences others to comment on your videos. If you are a starter, pay attention to comments and reply to all your comments.


As I mentioned earlier, if you use Reels smartly, you can bring more traffic to your Instagram profile. It will be a fun addition to the Instagram platform. Stick the tips mentioned above to get more engagement. I hope this article will assist you in accomplishing your goals. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

Best Lessons About Instagram Brands To Encourage Your Business

Instagram is more than a social media marketing method. Suppose you become skeptical of your friends’ vacation photos. Does it hurt to check those travel images while you sit at work? No worries, Instagram’s benefits are reaching so far. 

Think of new products and services that you have identified on Instagram. Through sponsored social media ads. Or brand tagging, which you have never come across in their posts. Yeah, Of course, link with social media platforms. Suppose becoming tougher to receive those connections for your audiences’ essential business assets. 

Meanwhile, we understand creating, managing, and keeping an Instagram account is discouraging. It drives considerable time and consideration to not only make it work but also push sales. 

Facts: Today, 35% of U.S. shoppers between the desired ages of 18 to 29 are old. To make use of Instagram to complete the research or purchase healthy and beauty products. 

For particular industries, leaving Instagram out of your buyer journey could seriously reduce your capability to reach new audiences. Hence to support you receive on the right path, we’re giving some tips. Here are the different advantages that you may not know. 

1. More Businesses & Audiences Are Starting:

With more than 25 million businesses actively employing Instagram to market to their target audience, it’s simple to check why many more people are using this application to shop. 

There is immediate access in today’s business world; a shopper needs much visual content to boost the content that resonates with the audiences’ buying decisions. 

They wish to make visual effects, but audiences want this content from people only like this. 

As a fact, the PowerReviews Ecommerce Snapchat says that 72% of U.S. shoppers find the visual content of an item previously to make their purchase. On the other hand, 3% of shoppers said they never look for images before purchasing online. 

The developing network of Instagram helped brands and businesses influence visuals to best mention and detail their products. As the network improves, the company knows that Instagram can be trustworthy for more product details and images. 

You can focus on the target audience, which is prepared to check your content on their feed. Here, not only the audience anticipates but also Instagram has made their application much more business-friendly in the last few years with landing page creating, product tagging features. 

2. Effective User-generated Content:

User-generated content is an essential method of growing trust for your products and brands as the audience trusts everything more than businesses.

The similar Ecommerce Snapchat reports say that 54% of U.S. audience between ages 18 to 29 tells the audience submitted photos and videos were more valuable than shop or brand’s image content. Young shoppers are not only the audience looking for UGC(user-generated content). 

Today, Instagram’s user-generated content boosts exposure by obtaining IG story views to your profile. Also, UGC is the gold mine process that is generated from your audience. 

3. Target & Retarget your Followers:

We understand that focusing appropriately on the right audience is a critical element in your ads’ success. Also how does Instagram support you reach your core audience?

Yeah! If you are straightforward with Facebook advertising, you know the power and heights available to reach your audience. Some of the focussing features include:

Locations: If you focus on an entire country or even one city, the place is not any problem.

Interests: Focus your Instagram ads on what your fans follow on Instagram by adding different businesses that might be your primary competition. You can also target interests on ads then click and applications they use. 

Behaviors: Mention an ad’s audience by the actions they take off and on Instagram and Facebook.

Audiences: Followers are the part of a particular frame that is interested in checking your content. Hence, you can focus on ads to followers relevant to those who follow you or even purchase your website.  


Through Facebook, Instagram launched the Reesl in August 2020, in 50 worldwide countries. The Instagram Reels became now a social media sensation and a new game-changer.  The Instagram Reels are slightly felt to them, so is TikTok, a ByteDance’s application.  This is a badly kept secret. Now Instagram Reels become more famous. Many positive responses have been gained by the Instagram Reels despite being criticized as a copycat of TikTok. Most of the creators are trying to do an experiment with Instagram Reels.  This Reels feature on Instagram lets you create fifteen seconds short video clips in the Instagram application and sharing with your story or sharing with your feed or sharing with your Explore’s tab Reels page. You can set music to your Reels from the audio you have recorded or built-in music library on Instagram. There are also special features like speed adjusting for video clips, for hand-free filming, a countdown timer is available, and special AR effects are available. You can also take multiple shots or more than one shot into one clip together instead of making everything videos in one take.  On the Explore page on Instagram, you can found the Reels feed, and you can also see Reels of trending accounts and popular accounts on Instagram instead of seeing reels of the people who you follow. 


Instagram reels are the newest deals. You have catered to Reels in your strategy for social media marketing. Reposting the videos from the TikTok to Instagram Reels is the easiest one. You could bring the video content to Reels on Instagram too if that video content was getting success on TikTok. The video format of Instagram Rels and TikTok is the same, by having 108081920 dimensions. For leaving the old music, you can select the add audio option. For new users who are all watching it, it becomes the new video content, or otherwise, it becomes a new itch to the people who are all saw it on TikTok already. For starting out anywhere, great content is educational content. Educational content means something about which is relevant in your professional field or a particular field. For example, fitness drills, makeup tutorials, how to do ads on social media, cuisine recipes, tips for skincare, etc. fun challenges are loved by everyone. Buy Instagram Reels views is a strategy for social media marketing, and track the engagement rate very easily just by putting a hashtag on it. A great key to Instagram is consistency. If you are about cooking, then do that. You can adapt the teaser stratergy like moves o get more emotions. Another great way was provided by the Instagram Reels for Netflix for promoting shows. Instead of like the movie teasers for grabbing the people’s attention.


A marketing strategy for Instagram will help your brands and businesses achieving your business goals and grow your brand’s goals. One of the most ever-popular social media channels is Instagram. More than 1 billion active monthly users, a storm is created by Instagram. Influencer marketing is developing its demand because of channel popularity. A strategy on Instagram for marketing is a group of defined processes by businesses, actions, and goals to use the Instagram platform as a marketing channel and also as a brand and business goals. The Instagram marketing stratergy os one of the most popular sections of social media marketing, which is aligned to its processes and its goals. More than twenty-five million people daily use Instagram for their brands and their business to promote their products and services and also for the engagement rate for the employee. This platform has extensive competition for the businesses, and also the marketers are trying to grow their business by using this social media platform. Some of the most common goals fo the marketers and businesses are enhance customer service, conversations enabling the conversations, leads generations, and increasing the awareness of the brands, and building a community. A great way to make to achieve your goals is to create an Instagram business profile. 


A bio on Instagram is a tiny area that below your Instagram username that is mainly used to sharing the information of your business and your service description, product, description, and the brand description, details of profiles, and the information of contact details.  And also, Instagram allows you to share and add the URL of your portfolio or your business profile. Make sure that you created your products or brand description very concisely. Then you have to make a two or one line description about the content you are going to share on your Instagram profile. Add links and hashtags into your Instagram bio apart from the main URL to drive more engagement and traffic to another page on social media. To drive more traffic, add the relevant, and lastly, created a URL. The URL can be your demo page of the products, a landing page, or a home page of your websites. And make sure that the link is very easy to track and analyze the source of traffics from your page on Instagram.  The game using the hashtag is very strong for marketing on Instagram. By using the search bar, users can discover the relevant hashtags simply, just like the profile of Instagram. Instagram posts which use the hashtags are gaining more and higher rate of traffics and engagement. To make your business grown higher, you have to make the Instagram strategy by using receive Instagram impressions for your instagram content and posts.

Unknown Ideas About TikTok Ads

TikTok is one of the biggest developing social media platforms around the globe. There are about 800 million active users, the users handling this app at an average time of 52 minutes, a single day. TikTok platform is used for finding out the precise mobile videos that enable and amuse every audience who uses it.

The US audience ratio is about 69%, TikTok user age is ranging between 13 to 24 years whereas 65% of the user’s age is 29 years. TikTok is specially meant for expanding out to fans under the age limit of 30 years, say like Millenials and Generation Z flock people.

Select your Ad Types for TikTok:

Hashtag Challenge:

Hashtag challenge motivates its users to create and share the video to all relevant hashtag campaign. This type of ad campaign gets the profit out of famous trending hashtags challenges. You can gain a high rate of visibility and make your video go trending. Motivate the user-generating content by requesting its users by taking part in the challenges. 

TikTok permits its brands to fund their challenges yet the brand challenges are placed on the discovery page for six days. After which they might receive the maximum number of reach and engagement. 

Always make sure that the format of the TikTok discovery page is visually attractive which makes your users notice via clickthrough rate, this is because it is where the organic results are obtained for the sponsored hashtag challenges.

Additionally, you can employ an official video function. Videos are held at the top of their challenge page and thus it offers users a lot of motivation. 

Brand Takeover:

It is a full-screen video ad range between 3 to 5 seconds of JGP, video or GIF. This type of ad pops out immediately at once when opening the TikTok app. It is linked up to either external or internal destinations like the Hashtag challenge on your TikTok or your campaign landing page. The main objective of using this ad type is that the fullscreen format helps to simply attract the user’s attention with its impression they will have when they check TikTok. Make sure your ad is creating a hype where the users shouldn’t jump out of the ad.

The audience goes behind the captivating song:

Music is one of the significant parts of TikTok’s engaging element. Most of the famous TikTok videos purposefully use catchy and vibrant songs. Thus always make sure your video ads implement music. The most famous songs on TikTok motivates its users to sync with their music or video activities. Try to use a trending song, which is the best chance to increase the engagement rate.

Work on with new TikTok trend:

Collaborating the self-promotion with perfect user engagement is one of the best ways to be reach success on TikTok. The videos in-built the famous TikTok styles to make your content go viral as they are relevant since users love viewing and sharing videos. Combining the upcoming and famous content trends that order your brand within your ads.

Always influencers try to Influence your content:

TikTok influencers are identifiable and have a huge set of audience, hence they can be easily helpful to enhance your brand visibility. Influencers have the ability and the renowned fame for engaging TikTok users to drive out minimal engagement. The best idea is to gain popularity within a short span of time by buying TikTok likes to get more reach for your profile and the videos.

Effective Ideas To Increase Your Instagram Story Views Using Polls

Instagram is the fastest growing platform to increase your brand successfully. It is the latest social media platform to engage more audience and to gain more views. Instagram gives more features, one of the best features are polls. Instagram polls allow you to interact with thousands of people at one time. Instagram stories are used to just connect with people at a particular time. But the Instagram polls are used to interact with people at any time. In this article, we will discuss effective ideas to increase your Instagram story views by using polls.

Instagram Stories Placement 

Instagram’s hottest and trending part is its stories. Most people get their news online. There are lots of ways to increase your Instagram story views. One of the best and effective ways is by using polls. Make some attractive polls relevant to your Instagram profile and stories. This will help you to increase more views and get more user engagement. There are several settings you know to create effective polls. Find your other social media ads and polls and then add that polls on your Instagram stories. This is the best replacement method to get more followers on your Instagram stories. Finding anything other than Instagram stories like polls, ads, and content are used to increase your audience.  

Instagram Stories Ads Polls 

If you create ad polls on your Instagram story, you have to find whether you post a video or image with your ad poll. This will help you to show out what is happening in the story. So, making an effective video with the relevant poll questions, and then your poll video is more than 15 seconds is best for your audience to know what you’re trying to convey. When you get more audience on your Instagram stories, they will visit your poll questions. Additionally you need to know how to buy instagram story views to boost overall user engagement on a regular basis. Choose interactive poll questions with two options. After making an image or video for your ad, find your story’s custom features. Instagram offers many features, use the effective and eye-catching features to get more Instagram views.

Search The Poll Result 

Instagram is a completely free source platform to get your Instagram stories result and performance this will help you to know which story gets more impression, more engagement, and the total number of clicks your story gets. It will also give the result the number of people who interact with your poll and also the number of reaches each poll has received. Effective and interactive polls of your Instagram stories are the best way to reach your targeted audiences. This will also collect their needs and interests.

Killer Tactics to enhance your engagement on Twitter

Twitter is one of the powerful social media to make your presence online and it helps to communicate and interact with people. If you want to get more exposure to your tweet, you can post your tweet consistently and write an attractive headline to make the attention of your audience. By using Twitter tactics, you could enhance your reach to earn more retweets.

Schedule the tweets

It is necessary to post your tweet at the right time to earn more retweets. People send retweets between 2 pm and 6 pm. You should post your tweet based on the followers, and they are from different countries and time zones. 

The timing should vary for people at different locations. Use tools like Tweroid to track the audience’s distribution that helps to post at optimal times to yield more retweets.

Add links

If you are tweeting, Include a link in your post to get more exposure. It may be news, sports, celebrity information, stay with up to date information. Give links to instructional posts to maximize the retweets. 

You can create a maximum of 140 characters in a tweet and build your audience’s curiosity to share your tweet with others.

Ask retweets

To boost your tweets’ visibility is tobuy real twitter retweetsand credibility.

Use call to action phrases like Please retweet, Pls RT, and RT to enhance the chance of getting more retweets. You can ask retweets with the people in your network and provide some offers to them who send retweets to your posts.

Include Visuals

Images can share information on all kinds of people in a short time. Colorful images and infographics can enhance engagement rates that help send more retweets to your followers’ content.

Use Retweetable words

You can find words that are more retweetable than others. Use words like please, retweet, post, blog, help, etc. Avoid filler words and stick to buzzwords to share your tweet. 

Add quotes

Quotes can use in a simple line to tweet your posts on Twitter. You can get retweet depends on the audience. If you post thoughtful quotes, people can send retweets to your posts. Use the best quotes related to your topic to get retweets. 

Use Hashtags

Notice the tweets, and you should use at least one hashtag to make your tweet a popular one. Using the keywords in the hashtag helps to categorize the tweets and group similar ones to enhance the reach and chance of getting retweets. If you run a small business, it isn’t easy to discover your name on social media, so the Twitter tactics help to enhance the engagement and get more exposure.

Killer Strategies To Improve The Marketing Strategies On YouTube

YouTube has more than 2 billion viewers daily. The research says that viewers spend 1 hour on YouTube on a daily basis. YouTube has the most popular video sharing in the last year. Many businesses, both small and large brands, benefited from YouTube marketing. Here are the tips about YouTube and which are the most powerful ones. Few strategies in YOuTube which helps in the marketing of the business. 

Quality Of Content

You need to make the content, which is quality content, which is interesting and attracts content about the brand. You need to enhance the quality of the content and use the marketing strategy. You need to create the content which has the brand presence and needs to organize the content. Create videos which are attracting and engaging the clients and the new visitors to visit the channel. YouTube has a plan of investing in virtual reality and providing offers on videos. The business provides a gearing up in such videos that will help in conventional ones where the users get engaged. Nowadays, virtual reality and smartphones have made the people their world. Virtual reality has many types of videos to the viewers, which are transparent and help in simulations of the world. There are different types of populations that help in virtual ones. 

Mobile Adoption

Smartphones are more addicted, and they have access to high-speed internet. YouTube marketing plays a major role in the internet. YouTube is available on both ios and android smartphones. Most of the users are between 12 and 60 years of age. Nowadays, YouTube videos are loaded with videos where they can be accessed on mobile platforms also. With a good internet connection, only high-speed internet videos can be viewed. 

Listening To The Viewers 

YouTube is available in 75 languages and in more than 100 countries. Creating videos in other languages is often an expensive one. You can reach the targeted audience from other languages by adding the subtitles to the videos on your channel. You need to reply to the comments without replying; it is not good for brands that don’t create bad impressions on the brand. Many marketers fail to give a reply to the users, which gives a decrease in the traffic of the channel. This automatically decreases the earnings of YouTube. The easiest way is to buy YouTube likes cheap to skyrocket video engagement.

To get feedback from the users, you need to do a review from the comments and analyze both the positive and negative feedbacks and reply to the feedback to make the interaction with the marketing leaders. You can also view the visitors by analytics connecting them with the channel. You can analyze the data and work according to it and increase the visits. You need to rise to adopt to the new technologies which offer as many languages. You can also make subtitles in videos to reach the other audiences. Making videos in foreign languages are always a little expensive.